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In Illinois, 1 in 10 working adults struggle with hunger.  In economically distressed communities where nutritious food resources may be limited, families experience higher rates of physical and mental health issues as a result.  Urban indoor farms can alleviate some of these challenges.

Our approach to Urban Agriculture is sustainable, eco-friendly, and produces year-round in a controlled environment.

Healthy & Nutritious

Crops are raised indoors so no pesticides are needed.

Locally produced

Fruits and vegetables are grown in urban settings, greatly reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.

Creates jobs

Many urban areas suffer from high unemployment, crime, and poverty.

The Future of Urban Agriculture

Consistent & Controlled Process

  • Produces year-round in controlled environment
  • Uses 90% less water**
  • Truly organic: fertilizer & pesticide free
  • 1 system grows 6x more/square foot**
  • Can grow in droughts & areas with little water
  • Plants grow 2x faster due to naturally fortified water from the fish
  • 10-day growing cycle for microgreens
  • Does not require acres of farmland
  • Grow lights are more energy efficient
  • Aquaponics: Fish have no growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Produce is locally grown, saving on shipping costs

**When compared to traditional farming

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